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 A Talk with Zsadist

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PostSubject: A Talk with Zsadist   Sun Aug 26, 2012 12:43 pm

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Zadist BdbUnited
*Knowing that Rhage is on rotation tonight and that Mary is still in the mansion somewhere, he goes in search of her. It has been awhile since they have talked. He finally tracks her down in a hallway between the training facility. Calling out to her so he doesn't sneak up on her knowing that she doesn't like it. He jogs to catch up with her when she stops* Are you busy, or do you have some time to chat?

Mary BdbUnited
‎*Giving him a smile, I stop and nod* Of course I have some time. I was just on my way back from dropping some things off to Marissa for Safe Place. *Starting back up towards the mansion, but making a turn before the staircase, we head deeper into the underground tunnels where he feels safest talking* Is everything going good with you and Bella, Zadidst?

Zadist BdbUnited
‎*Thinking over her question for several moments before answering, knowing that Mary is ok with his silence. He goes over the last few weeks in his head before he begins to talk.* Why would a female choose to not feed fully from her mate? *
Taking in her confused look, he goes on* I get the feeling that Bella is not feeding from me like she should, but then I could be wrong at this point I am not sure. Our last exchange just seemed off.

Mary BdbUnited
‎*Tilting my head as he talks, recalling the last time when Rhage fed from Layla Chosen.* Are you certain she isn't getting what she needs? And by off do you mean simply not enough or did she feed differently? *Her mind still spins at times
when she thinks about these conversations, how she never in her wildest dreams could have imagined being with Rhage, er well, maybe her wildest, but certainly not about the vampire part* Maybe we should all talk together? Would you like me to talk with her?

Zadist BdbUnited
‎*Stopping suddenly he turns to look at her* No I don't think you talking with her would be good. It might just be me, but before you talk to her I should probably say something. *He tries to figure out how to express what he is feeling* S
he is not feeding differently its just like she is not feeding long enough like she is not getting enough. I do not want her to go with out. I suspect that she is thinking to give me all I can and take as little as possible for herself. *Shaking his head* I will talk to her though. *Glancing at her* That is what you females want is for us males to talk to you right?

Mary BdbUnited
‎*nodding gently, giving him a soft smile* Yes, that is a wonderful part of the relationship. When you can tell her your fears and ask her what is wrong. You know more than I on the amount, if she is feeding more often so taking less, or o
f she is lacking. I can tell you that from all I know of Bella, she loves you and Nalla more than anything. So just let her know that you are worried and go from there. And Zadist... I'm glad you came to talk. I'm always here for you. You know that. Right?

Zadist BdbUnited
‎*Nodding his head.* Thanks Mary. I will let you be on your way. You gave me something to think about and a direction to take with it. *He bids her goodnight and watches as she heads back the way they had come. Thinking over everything they had talked about. He forms an idea in his head on how to address the issue with his Shellan.*
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A Talk with Zsadist
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