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Rhage BdbUnited
*Hearing the sounds of screams coming from one of the back alleys close to the Iron Mask, Blay, Payne, Butch and I take off like a bat out of hell turning the corner to see several Civilians running in our direction with several Lessers on their heels.* GO! GET OUT OF HERE! *Payne is the first to get to a Lesser.* Don't... *A loud pop sounds off and I let out a sigh.* Payne...at least try to get some info before you send them back to their maker and remember to leave some for the Cop. He looks a bit hungry. *She shrugs her shoulders, turning on a dime for the next one as I feel the beast start to stir wanting his fair share in the melee.*

Butch O'Neal BdbUnited
‎*He jogs down the alley and calls out to Blay to watch to his right. Before he can get there cover him, Blay twists and kicks at just the right moment and knocks the Lesser onto his ass. Following him down, Butch presses his shoulders to the ground and lowers his mouth over his. Inhaling the first of the night. He groans and sits up as the ash disappears around him* Next. *Growling as he moves on to the next and the next. After several more, he's reached his fill and groans as he drops to the ground. Sitting and leaning against the brick building.* Someone better get V on call. *Hearing Payne confirm the fact that he is green around the gills and looking like crap, he closes his eyes and rolls to the side to vomit at her feet. The black oozing around the soles of her shoes* I'd say I'm sorry but you asked for that. *Smirking as little as he can at this moment until he hears the Escalade pull up with relief on the way*
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Tag Your It...
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