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 Red Sox vs. Yankees

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PostSubject: Red Sox vs. Yankees   Sun Aug 26, 2012 1:07 pm

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Tohrment BdbUnited
*Sitting in the Pit with Vishous, Butch O'Neal, Rhage, Qhuinn, John Matthew and Xhex Matthew watching the Red Sox and Yankees battle it on on the field on the big screen. Butch lets f-bombs fly out of his mouth with each mishap that occurs. while the other hoot and holler as each play is made. Top of the eight...the Yankees lead 4/1. Chuckling to myself...I believe Butch and V are going to blow a gasket as the others rev them up. Sitting back in one of the comfy chairs, we all enjoying our little pow-wow that have been happening more often than not, before we head out on patrol for the evening to bag and tag a few pathetic Lessers. Clapping my hands together as the Sox make the third out.* Yeah...that's how you do it.

Butch O'Neal BdbUnited
‎*He practically can hear Manny laughing at him all the way from the mansion with each run the Yankees score, wondering how they could be brothers in any way with the amount he picks on the Red Sox. Another blessing is the Housewives of New Jersey marathon keeping Tohr's pocket pal Light Bright (Lassiter) out of the Pit. He slaps his rally cap back to right side out as he stands and heads to the kitchen for another beer* Well that was a bunch of shit.
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Red Sox vs. Yankees
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