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 New York City

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PostSubject: New York City   Sun Aug 26, 2012 1:12 pm

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*Disregarding Tohrment's protests on Wrath's decision to spend a private birthday celebration with his shellan, Wrath asked Beth to pack for a couple of nights stay at his place in NYC. She quickly packed up a duffle bag for them and set it on the bed then stood on her tiptoes and softly brushed her lips over his. Wrath picked up the duffle bag and swung it over his shoulder and with George’s harness gripped in one hand and the other wrapped around Beth's much smaller hand they head out of their private quarters and made their way down the grand staircase and out the front doors to Beth’s waiting car. Once everything and everyone was loaded into the car Beth made their way to NYC and some quality alone time*
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New York City
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