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 Mine all Mine

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PostSubject: Mine all Mine   Sun Aug 26, 2012 2:55 pm

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Vishous BdbUnited
‎*Jogging back down to the Pit with Jane Whitcomb BdbUnited, he doesn't even make it to their Mated Room before he hauls her in his arms and carries her to their bed. True he would never bring their other Fun here...that stays in the Penthouse, but that doesn't mean he aint gonna tear his female shit up when he gets inside her. A low grow emmits from him when she tears his shirt and works his glove off* Easy Jane. *His fangs elongate and he rips her shirt and Bra with his canine. He lays her on the bed and meets her eyes* I'm so gonna have you all night, true. *The bonding Scent spreads in their room when she spreads her legs and her arousal hits his nostrils* Fuck Me....

Jane Whitcomb BdbUnited
‎*Licking my lips watching him hover over me as my hand slowly moves between my legs. His eyes darkening as his pupils grow wide with excitement.* That is exactly what I want you to do to me V. *Arching my back then moving my hips as my fingers work my clit.* Quit watching and do something. *Smiling as he growls. His fangs elongating when I let him see the where my pulse point would be throbbing just for him.*

Vishous BdbUnited
‎*Licking the pointed tip with my tongue I give her a wicked smile. * You know better than to try to lead, true? *Wrapping his arms tighter around her, he goes straight for her nipples, loving the way she arches the ripe berries into his mouth. Quickly latching on he sucks the tip into his mouth, his tongue running along the peak hardening just for him. His other hand moves to the other breast to give her the same attention. She digs her nails into his scalp and tugs on his hair just tight enough to give a pull the way that he loves. He moans and moves his mouth to the other breast to give it the same attention while she moves that sweet pussy against him seeking release.* That's it Jane Whitcomb BdbUnited, beg for what only I can give you.

Jane Whitcomb BdbUnited
‎*Straining to catch the breath that I really don't need but at the moment the action consumes me. I let my chest heavy taking in his scent as he devours my body. I feel myself getting wetting as he moves down my belly to the apex between my thighs. He slides his hands under my ass groping and squeezing me towards his mouth. My hands still laced in his hair, I yell out his name as he finds my throbbing clit.* Vishous...yes.

Vishous BdbUnited
‎*Latching on for the ride, his mouth takes what she offers him. His tongue moves in lazy circles around her clit, her body arches towards him begging him for more. With a growl that rumbles through his chest, he gives her what she wants, and what he craves. Sucking and nibbling on her he feels her core starting to throb.* Nope not yet. *He pulls back and blows against her hyper sensitive skin watching her green eyes flash angry at him. Licking his lips taking her essence on he give her a smile* Not until I say, true. *Placing her legs over his shoulder, his mouth dives in for another round of tongue action but not letting her find the release she craves, sticking a finger inside her adding some pumping action to the whole fun*

Jane Whitcomb BdbUnited
‎*Frustration takes hold but is quickly replaced by longing wanting his mouth to devour me again. My prayers are answered when he takes me into his mouth again.* V...please. I can't hold on any longer and I want to feel you inside me. *My lips part moaning as he works me over good to the point of release then takes a step back letting me cool down. The onslaught of torture my body is taking at this point overrides my brain. My body begins to tremble as the points of his fangs grasp carelessly over my swollen clit.* I need to come. Make me come V. I need you.

Vishous BdbUnited
‎*The words music to his ears because his female finally gave him what he wanted total submission. He gives her clit one more swirl before crawling up her body and taking her in solid thrust. When she wraps her legs around his hips and locks those ankles together...yeah that is pure fucking Heaven. He moves his body back and forth against her loving how her walls tighten and grip him in. He grabs her hands and puts them above her head and holds her in place* My female, all mine. *The bonding scent covers both of them as his thrust are faster, his ball tightening and begging for his own release, but not yet...she hasn't had her pleasure so neither will he. Keeping her hands locked above her, his other hand moves down and pinches her clit* Come NOW.

Jane Whitcomb BdbUnited ‎
*That is all I needing to fly apart. My body convulsing underneath him as I hold on tight. My head arching back as my nails dig into his shoulders.* Yes...Oh gods V. Come for me V...please. *The sound of his breath echoing in the room. The sweet scent of his bonding coating me in a cocoon of bliss. The room begins to glow slowly then builds with each thrust of his hips and I know he is getting closer to his release. With my eyes open wide, I watch the beads of sweat drip down and pooling between my breasts. Arching my hips, then reaching between us I cup his ball in my hand giving it a squeeze. He roars out and his body quivers pulsating on the verge.* Can I feel all of you V? I need you.

Vishous BdbUnited
‎*The words and her actions pushes him over the edge to find the release that he needs. Shouting her name from his mouth in a roar, the walls vibrating.His seed fills inside her still inside her so that her body can take all of him, all that he offers her. He pants and rolls to his side bringing her with him* I didn't even kiss you properly. *She smiles and touches his face* Give me your mouth shellan. *He dips his head and kisses her slowly, drawing it out and letting their bodies build up again, for a night of loving on his women* Love you Jane.
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Mine all Mine
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