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 Opening...First Meal

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PostSubject: Opening...First Meal   Sun Aug 26, 2012 3:24 pm

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WrathKing BdbUnited
*Heading down the grand staircase, Beth's delicate hand clasped in his much larger one, and George's leather harness in the other, making their way to the dining room for First Meal. At one time Wrath dreaded eating in front of others because of his sight or lack of it to be more accurate. Now First Meal had become an important start to every night with the entire "family". Family, what a concept, never in his well over 3 centuries did he ever think he would have a family again, but that was exactly what they had all become. First Meal became a time of gathering and sharing, joking and laughing, teasing and bonding. And Wrath looked forward to it nightly. He gave Beth's hand a gentle squeeze then stepped into the dining room* Good evening all, what's doin'?

Beth BdbUnited
‎*walking down to First Meal with her King, her mate, her whole life she reflected on how her life had changed. She had been alone with nothing for so long and now she had this motley crew of amazing males and females that were truly her family. She couldn't help but smile widely as she looked over the group. Damn she really did love each and everyone of them. She felt Wrath squeeze her hand as they walked towards the table and returned the squeeze and looked up at the strength in his face. Their entrance immediately captivating the attention of those at the table and his question triggered a chaotic jumble of responses*

Tohrment BdbUnited
*Bowing my head slightly giving Beth respect, meeting her eyes as our Lord and Queen walk into the room.* Good evening my Lord. So far so good. *Draping my arm carelessly over the back of Autumn's chair. I glance down the length of the table at the motley crew that I would willingly give my life up for, ten times over. Wrath and Beth take their seat at the head of the table and the banter begins again after each and everyone greet them. Autumn places her hand on my thigh under the table, giving it a small squeeze. These days are a little brighter as we both find away to live our lives after the dust has settled on our skeletons in the closet. Hearing someone call out my name, it snaps me out of my reminiscing of the past. Lassiter is leaning back in his chair with a Cheshire Cat grin across his face.* What's doin' sunshine?

Autumn BdbUnited
‎*I look over to where Tohrment BdbUnited is glancing and see Lassiter BdbUnitied joing us for First Meal. I smile when he sits next to my Torhrment and look down where he laced his hands with mine. Blushing slightly when he leans in and kiss my neck, the pulse point beats against his lips, reacting to him as I always do. He growls and whisper Later to me making me blush harder .*

Lassiter BdbUnitied
*Laughing, the sound of church bells filling the space.* Awww...how cute you two look and all because of me. Now you still can't be pissed over your Godzilla collection that I replaced with Mary Tyler Moore. *Looking over my shoulder as the doggens bring in the meal, placing it in the center of the table.* Grubs on. It's not Micky D's but it will do. *My eyes flashing bright.* Right Tohr?

Rhage BdbUnited ‎
*Eyeing the food as my stomach starts to growl.* Enough with the church bells already Lassiter. You're disturbing the delicate balance of my digestive system. *Hearing the scoffs comes from all the brothers as Mary elbows me.* It's true. *Mary shakes her head* You know I always speak the truth. Why beat around the bush...and that reminds me. I was in the Pit the other day minding my own business when...what pops up on the screen? The Cop and V in front of the big screen and do you know what was on the screen? ...Beaches! You feeling me? *chuckling*

Lassiter BdbUnitied ‎
*laughing again* Ouch...busted! Bette Milder is hot isn't she?

Mary BdbUnited
*A slight smirk spreads across my lips as I shake my head* Rhage, you are incorrigible. And aside from the beast, I have yet to see anything impact your digestive system. *As he gives me his million dollar classic Hollywood smile, I can't help but lean into his incredible frame. Staring into his amazing bright teal eyes and getting lost in the love and desire he fixes on me. Meeting his lips for a soft kiss. The distinct purr coming from him and the beast, I pull back and straighten in my chair before one, the other, or both decide to have dessert first. Giving a smile around the table as everyone starts passing the dishes.*

Manny BdbUnited ‎
*Still somewhat amazed by how at home he feels surrounded by how comfortable and at home he feels surrounded by the somewhat intimidating vampires he laughs when Rhage mentions catching Butch and V watching Beaches.* Damn Hollywood, that is awesome ammunition to have. Brother and Brother-in-law caught watching the mushy garbage we give Lass shit for. *He reaches and grabs a dinner roll to add to his plate* Oooh boy is that knowledge going to be used *chuckles and starts plotting. Turning to Payne next to him.* Can I pass you anything bambina?

Payne BdbUnited
‎*Looking up at her Hellren smiling* Always. *She watches as he fills her plate with her favorite food then leans in and kisses her cheek* Why would my brother be watching a Beach on the Television. *She looks around when everyone laughs shaking her head, she goes to nibbling on the bread*

Butch O'Neal BdbUnited
‎*Walking in and seeing the spread on the table and almost everyone here. Knowing that Vishous is right behind us, I grin at the gathered group* Well isn't this a sight. And stay out of the pit Hollywood. Nothing to eat there, so not sure what you were looking for besides trouble. *Pulling out Marissa's chair and seeing that she's settled. Taking the seat next to her, I raise her hand to my lips and kiss her palm before reaching out and putting my napkin in my lap, following her lead.* I'm ready for a little of everything, how about you baby?

Marissa BdbUnited ‎
*Nodding to him, leaning in and whispering for his ears only* Ready for more of you Hellren mine. *She laughs when his fangs peek out and he squeezes her thigh. Turning back to her plate, she watches as he fills her plate with food. He ha
s learned so much of their customs and knows that it is his pleasure to make sure that his female is well fed. She smiles when he brings the first morsel of chicken to her mouth, feeding her from his hand, kissing her with each bite*

Vishous BdbUnited
‎*Flipping off Rhage BdbUnited shaking his head* You know bro, stalking in the Pit isn't going to make you any cooler, feel me? And no I'm not gonna tell you what Cop and I are working on...*Shrugs* Then it wouldn't be as much fun. *Snickers feeling his Shellan from his plate, leaning in and nuzzling her keeping his hand on her neck* Fill up female.

Jane Whitcomb BdbUnited
‎*The fork slides free from my lips.* I plan on it. I need to keep my energy up. All the brothers seem to be getting into more fights when they go out lately. *taking another bit from the fork as V stares at me.* But believe me, I'm happy I'm keeping busy and there is plenty work for Manny to do as well. *The corners of his lips twitch and I forget what it was I was going on about as the twitch turns into a smile. I will never get tired of seeing this side of him.* Now it's your turn to eat. I'm stuffed. I can't eat another bite.

Zadist BdbUnited
*Placing my hand on my Shellan's thigh feeling her smile. He looks up at his king and queen and glances around the table before returning to his food. Reaching over he grabs a plate of meat that is next to him and takes a piece off to put on Bella's plate*

Bella BdbUnited
‎*She lays her hand on her hellrens strong thigh and gives it a little squeeze before looking up into his beautiful canary yellow eyes* Thank you love. *Bella busies herself preparing Nalla's plate before setting it down before her* Eat up Nalla. I hear Fritz made something yummy for dessert! *She smiles and winks at her then turns her attention to her own plate that Zadist has been busy filling for her*

Blay BdbUnited
~Walking in with Saxton at my side, taking the empty seats at the end of the table. Handing Saxton a napkin as I grab my own, moving out of the way as the doggen places a drink before me~ Thank you. ~Looking out the corner of my eye, blushing as Saxton talks of hurrying through First Meal..but the blush fades away as I spot Qhuinn walking in with Layla. Righting myself before anyone notices, placing food on my plate~

Qhuinn BdbUnited
‎*Nodding to everyone as he walks in with Layla Chosen BdbUnited next to him. Holding the chair out for her, he sits down and makes contact with Blay BdbUnited eyes when he looks up. He turns to Layla and helps her with her plate, wanting to care for the women carrying his young...Yeah he knows that it stuck, even if she is unsure, smiling at her* Is this enough?

Layla Chosen BdbUnited
‎*Smiles to the gathered Brothers and Shellans and warriors as she turns to Qhuinn* Yes. Thank you. That will sufficiently satisfy me. Please, enjoy your meal. I'm doing well.*Glancing up as Rhevenge and Ehlena and walk in and sit at the opposite side of the table*

Xhex Matthew BdbUnited
‎~Laughing~ John Matthew and I run down the stairs and hurry to the door leading to the dinning room. I turn as he pulls me to him for one more kiss. Heads turn as we enter .our hair still wet from our shower.I bow my head to our Lord and Queen.
"Forgive us,our shower,took a bit longer than we had planned"

John Matthew BdbUnited
Following Xhex Matthew BdbUnited , the first meal banter in full swing. Grinning as i reach across the table, grab a bagel on the way to our seats. Shrugging my shoulders, ::signing:: what, i worked up an appetite. * chuckling as we sit down *

Pheonia BdbUnited
Stepping into the mansion,I smile softly as Fritz takes my bags from Phil,and informs me,my family is at First Meal.I turn to Phil and smile up at him shyly,my voice soft and low,"Thank you for seeing me home.It was a tiring trip from New York,but if you are not tired,would you like to meet my family?"

Phil BdbUnited
I push my glasses up on my face, gulping * You.. you like want me to meet your family? * We had been on assignment for the paper, Phe was getting the story and I was taking the picture. I had come to make sure i was on every assignment that
she took. She thought it was just a conincidence, i was making sure she stayed safe. As we walk inside im taken back by all the people sitting around the table, huge males.. really REALLY big guys. Pushing my glasses up my nose again, waving and grinning as Phe introduces us* Hi! Im Phil, there were glares, growls and stares, * Walking close behind her * Hey must be really hungry.

WrathKing BdbUnited
‎*Absently rubbing George's ears, Wrath’s listens to everyone chattering around the table. He puts his wine glass down and leans back from the table when Beth lays her hand on over his tattooed forearm signaling that Fritz had brought his
plate of food out* Thanks Fritz my man. *He moved his large nibble fingers slowly around the table area in front of him to get his bearings and listened as Beth whispered to him what was located where on his plate* Thank you Leelan. *Wrath rises to his full height with his wine glass and clears his throat to quiet everyone* A toast…to friends and family!
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Opening...First Meal
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