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 I Love Grapes

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Rhage BdbUnited
‎*Noticing Mary slipping from the kitchen with something in her hands under a towel as she quickly makes her way up the stairs. Turning to Butch, *I'm heading out. I'll talk to you later Cop. *Turning on my heals, not wasting my time, I take two stairs at a time up the winding grand staircase. I watch as she fumbles with the door handle not trying to drop the bundle she has in her hands. After she closes the door, I place my ear to it hearing her moving about in the room. Then the squeak of the springs of the bed. My body hardening just thinking about her sitting on top of the comforter waiting for me. I feel the beast breathing heavy as I turn the knob letting myself in. What I see in front of me causing both of us to roar out as my bounding scent fills the air. In a deep voice as I stalk across the room after slamming the door.* I'm going to eat you alive baby.

Mary BdbUnited
‎*The grin on my face growing as I hear the purr from deep within. The rustle of his clothes tearing off his body is the only other sound I hear. My heart slamming in my chest as his scent hits me. The arousal making my body react before he has even made it to the bed.* I think I promised you dessert, and I never go back on my word. *My lips dry suddenly as they yearn for his. When it dips from his massive weight, I follow his bright blue almost neon eyes as they flash white a moment before he lowers his head and devours a mouthful of grapes and breast.* Yes. Let me feed you my love. *Sliding my hands into his soft hair, holding him to me, feeling the rumble in his chest as he roars and lifts to take my lips. Tasting the grapes with a smile on our faces*

Rhage BdbUnited
‎*Mary grabs my shirt puling it free and tosses it on the ground beside the bed. Then her hands move down my chest over my nipple making them hard as diamonds. when she finally reaches the button on my pants, I'm straining against the seam. Licking the juices of the grapes and Mary off my lips, I watch her make quick work getting rid of my leathers.* It would have been easier just to rip the things off. *She laughs as I lean down kissing my way back down between her breasts. Her pink nipple puckering as my fangs scrap against them.* I love how you taste. I could do this for hours. *Parting her legs with my hands finding her slick folds* Oh gods your wet for me. I need to taste you there too.

Mary BdbUnited
‎*Arching off the bed, grapes slipping along my chest. Reaching for his mouth. Wrapping my leg around his hip, my foot hooking behind his knee as I pull his hips tighter to mine. His hand caught between our body until he rounds his back and pushes away from me. Moaning at the loss of his heat until his hands grip my waist and push me higher onto the pillows. His mouth dragging along my stomach until they find my center.* Feed Rhage. Taste me. *Gasping when his lips replace his hand. My head pressing into the pillows, my hands digging my fingers into his thick shoulders. The muscles flexing as I raise my hips to grind against his mouth*

Rhage BdbUnited
‎*Her taste is like heaven as the sweetness bursts in my mouth. She body begins to tremble and I know she is close. Sliding two fingers into her tight folds, I continue thrumming my tongue against and around her clit until she explodes in my mouth. The beast moves along my spine. Purring and growling at the beautiful sight of her below us. I pull my fingers out of her placing them in my mouth as sucking off her juices. Grabbing her ankles, I pull her down the bed towards me spreading her wide. Shifting my position, I move within the confinement of her thighs. Burying myself deep inside her, sweat beads up and I thrust back and forth.* Damn you"re so fucking tight. I love it. *Looking down where we are joined.* I'm going to make you come for me again baby.

Mary BdbUnited
‎*Trying to catch my breath from the first climax, brushing my fingers along his handsome face as he looks down at me.* I want nothing more than you. Than this. *My legs grip his hips and hold tight as my hands wrap around his solid torso. His beast rippling beneath my fingers as they run up and down his back over his beautiful green and purple iridescent dragon tattoo. His body reacting and flexing with each stroke.* More. Please Rhage. Don't stop. *His body pounds into mine, taking everything I offer. His bonding scent coating me with his loving claim. Feeling his erection throb deep inside as I take all of his length over and over. I cry out as my body starts to explode around him. His limbs start to jolt as my hands cross the tattoo again. He grips the sheets next to my head as his head lifts from where his fangs were dragging up along my neck. His body starting to spasm as his purr grows louder and fills the room. My own noises growing louder as he keeps me with him through his release. His body tensing then collapsing on me. Loving the heavy feel of his weight on me*

Rhage BdbUnited
‎*Taking deep breathes as my heart pounds against my ribs. Kissing Mary's neck, I wrap my arms around her and roll us both over until she is draped on top of me like a warm beautiful blanket.* I didn't hurt you did I? *She shakes her head placing her hand on my cheek, staring at me with her gun metal grey eyes. Looking into the depths, I can see all the love that she has for me. Leaning up and pressing my lips against hers to get one more kiss.* I'm going to give you about twenty then I'm going to have you again. I still can't get the image of those grapes laying across your breasts. *My semi hard erection that is still buried deep inside her, grows with each breath.* Ok...maybe ten minutes. I'm not going to last twenty.
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I Love Grapes
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