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 The Hall of Statues

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Lassiter BdbUnitied
*Walking at a snails pace past the hall of statues with my hands cupped at my back whistling the little tune from Beaches. When I come upon Tohrment and Autumn's room, I pause singing under my breath..."You've got to give a little, take a little and let your poor heart break a little. That's the story of, that's the glory of love." Chuckling as I lean against the wall by their door. Two doggen move quickly past me as they make sure their are no killer dust bunnies left while averting their eyes from me but I can't help the urge to glow behind them which speeds up their descent down the staircase. Turning on my heals, I give Tohr's door three wraps with my knuckles.*

Tohrment BdbUnited
‎*Grabbing a pair of sweats off of the floor, I yell out.* I'm coming. Keep your damn pants on. *Hearing the knock again at the door a little louder. My brows creased, I through open the door finding Lassiter standing there with a smirk on his face.* What the hell do you want? I was still sleeping.

Lassiter BdbUnitied
‎*Tilting my head* What...no how the hell are you's or what's doin' Lassiter? You know...if I didn't know better, I would be offended but since I'm me...I'm not. *Looking over his shoulder as Autumn walks up behind him* Hello Autumn. Your looking well rested. *winking at her.*

Tohrment BdbUnited
‎*Looking over my shoulder.* Is there a purpose to this visit? If not. I'm closing the door and you can go annoy someone else. I think V might be looking for you. *Glaring at him, moving my body in front of Autumn's. The primal male coming out in me not wanting him to see her a my jaw muscles bunch.*

Autumn BdbUnited
‎*At the pounding of the door, she gets up and quickly dresses before anyone enters the room. Grabbing one of his shirts, she puts it on, the tails reaching past her knees. She places her hand on Tohrment's shoulder to calm him, seeing Lassiter standing at the threshold waiting for Tohr to let him in.* It's alright Tohr, I will shower and dress if you need to speak to him.

Tohrment BdbUnited
‎*Grumbling under my breath.* I already know what you want and you have nothing to worry about. I'm fine. Everything is fine now...run on your merry way. I got this handled, you feel me? *Raising my brow with a smile although it doesn't reach my eyes.*

Lassiter BdbUnitied
‎*Pushing Tohr aside as I walk in placing my arm around Autumn's shoulders.* He is in denial but that's just part of the process. He wants me to believe he is a ball of sunshine when in reality his is a burning inferno. *Looking back at Tohr as he slams the door.* Oh...you didn't tell her did you?

Autumn BdbUnited
‎*Hearing Tohrment BdbUnited growl, she knows that Lassiter BdbUnitied is pushing him by placing his hand on her. She side steps away from both of them and crosses her arms on her chest, looking between them, before landing her stare at Tohr's but speaking to Lassiter* Tohr has not spoken to me about anything. He went patrolling last night and I dressed his wounds, we never spoke about anything. *Her eyes narrow at Tohr* What haven't you told me hellren mine?

Tohrment BdbUnited
‎*Pursing my lips together running my hand down my face.* I made a mistake last night and I nearly got us taken out. *Stepping in front of Autumn blocking Lassiter from making eye contact.* We walked up on some Lessers that had a few explosives of them. *Glaring at Lassiter.* I took the first shot. When it went pop so did the grenade. *Seeing the concern on her face.* Don't worry. John Matthew and Qhuinn are fine. I jumped in front of them. That's where the wounds came from. Now that you've going that off your chest Lassiter...you can go, you feel me?

Lassiter BdbUnitied ‎
*Nodding my head* Yep...I would say so. You don't need to be starting out new without the truth. You need to be able to tell Autumn anything. *Sauntering over to the door.* Same goes for you Autumn. I'm going to take my leave now. You two have plenty to talk about. *Saluting them with two fingers.* Chow!

Tohrment BdbUnited
‎*Turning to Autumn after Lassiter closes the door.* Even though it hurts me to say this...he's right. *Walking over to her wrapping my arms around her pulling her against my chest.* I'll do better. I promise. *Lifting up her chin with my finger to look in my eyes.* I love you Autumn. *Smiling down at her.* Hope about we ask Fritz to bring some food up for us. I think we both need to talk and you can tell me how you and Xhex Matthew are working out.
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The Hall of Statues
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