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 Night Rider

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PostSubject: Night Rider   Tue Aug 28, 2012 4:03 am

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Manny BdbUnited
‎*There was something truly beautiful about watching his two girls together. He the bright moon making silouettes of them against the sky. The love of his life, Payne, and the horse she saved. His Glory. Well her Glory now. It gave him such satisfaction to see them together. As Payne nuzzled the mare, Glory made little whinneying noises of satisfaction. Yes, his girls were smitten with each other.* Well, Bambina, are you going to take her out for a run? She looks like she would love a run. I will happily wait here and watch you. I might even call Fritz and ask him to bring us out some coffee and cookies to have when you get back. *Glory's ears pricked up. If he hadn't known better she would have sworn she'd heard the word run and started to get excited.*

Payne BdbUnited
*Running my fingers along Glory's nose, I bump my forehead against hers. When Manny approaches me I turn and give him a smile at his suggestion.* That sounds like a fabulous night. It seems that time has taken over for both of us, and it is always nice to spend time together. *Patting Glory, I go to my mate, the one that owns my heart, and I wrap my arms around his neck, kissing him softly* I will take her around and be back shortly* Giving him another kiss, I mount the horse clucking my tongue to send Glory on a gallop*

Manny BdbUnited
*He felt her lips on his and had to remember that they had come out at least partly so that Payne could get some time with Glory. Damn though, her mouth on his made him want to take her to the ground and bury himself in her. She pulls away and gracefully sings her body onto the powerful thoroughbred and the two of them are off, flying. The image of Glory's mane, Payne's hair and Glory's tail all flowing freely behind them as they rejoice being together. He fires off the message to Fritz asking him to bring out the coffee and cookies he had mentioned to Payne as well as a picnic blanket, some cheese and crackers, and some carrots. He wanted to have a few treats for both his girls when they returned to him*

Payne BdbUnited
*Letting the wind pull on my hair, I ride the horse with grace and with the freedom that only found with my mate. This gift that he has given me is more than anyone has ever done for me, and with him...only with him do I feel alive and free.. After sometime with the mare, I ride back to where I sense my mate. With his help, I mount off the horse and he leads me to a thick blanket that he has laid on the ground. Sinking down next to him, I smile when he lays on his side and offers me a piece of cheese* This is perfect my mate, I love this.

Manny BdbUnited
*After she allows him to help her off Glory, knowing she doesn't need the help but enjoying the chance to have his hands on her beautiful body, they head back to the blanket for a little evening snack. He offers her bites of the various goodies on offer as well as a steaming cup of coffee.* Bambina, all I ever need for things to be perfect is you with me. I thought with such a beautiful clear night we should come out and make the most of it. You brought me into your world, your life and I am happier than I ever thought I could be. * He leaned over to her and captured her mouth with his and reached his hand over and laced his fingers into her incredible hair. God, he loved that hair.*

Payne BdbUnited
*Wrapping my hands around his neck, I deepen the kiss and allow myself to get lost in the moment with my mate. His large hands move through my hair while his tongue coaxes mine to mimic his movement. I sigh letting my body go lax and letting him move over me as he lays me down on the blanket. The clear night is nothing compared to the sight of my mate hovering above me with the look of love and passion in his eyes. Reaching out, I touch his cheek and lean up to kiss his lips* I am happy and at home in your arms Hellran mine..I love you. *I laugh when he growls, the sound so similar to the males around me.*

Manny BdbUnited
‎*As her arms wrapped around his neck and the kiss deepened he was done in. He climbed over the plate of goodies wanting nothing more than to mount her, but instead he lay gently over the top of her staring into her amazing diamond eyes. He had truly never seen a sight as beautiful as she was. Her touch was electric and he felt it shoot straight to his cock, knowing that she would feel it too. The growl that escaped his lips was a sound he was sure he hadn't made before he met her.* Good deal bambina, because in my arms is the best place for you. *She brought out such unusual traits in him, animalistic, possessive. He wanted to own her and make sure all around knew she was his. He nipped at her neck a milder form of her feeding. Fuck, the thought of her feeding from him made his cock twitch. She had to have felt that too. He rolled them so that she was lying on him kissing her again and running his hands through her hair, down her back and to her ass pulling it hard against his throbbing erection.* I want you bambina. If you don't want me to take you here and have that glow of yours alert anyone who might be watching to our activities, I might need you to use your special skills to either deactivate any cameras around, or flash us back to our room.

Payne BdbUnited
*Laughing, looking down at him I kiss his lips again* Let us pack and cook Glory down and head to our mated bed. * Together we head back to the stable he had built for Glory in the mansion. The doggens greet us, and takes Glory offering to take her saddle off and cool her down. Manny nods to them and takes my hand leading me back to our room. A giggle escapes my lips when he almost trips on himself rushing to get me back to the room. No sooner has the door closed then I am pressed against it, and he is attacking my lips like a staved man. He rips my shirt apart and his hands move to my breast* Oh Manny..

Manny BdbUnited
*His resolve has been pushed while the went through the motions of packing up and returning Glory to the stables. He took a deep breath in the stables hoping the strong horsey odour might at least temporarily distract him from his need for her. Ha, like that would work. When they finally got back to their room he rushed in the door and pushed her against the back of it as it closed.* Payne, I need to see you! *ripping her shirt apart he squeezes her perk breasts before leaning down and sucking one into his mouth feeling it pebble at his touch. That growl erupted from deep in his chest again. She reached for her pants, undid them and dragged them down her long, toned legs, leaving him kneeling in front of her unable to stop himself from kissing her bare mound and flicking his tongue along the top of her slit while he was down there. She moaned at the touch, grabbed his head and held it there, wanting more. He was certainly onboard with that idea.*

Payne BdbUnited
*Moaning I hold him to my body as I show him how much I desire him. His tongue wakes up the sensations through out my whole body making me come alive in a way that only he can do. I can feel the glow heating off my skin with every swipe of his tongue against me. My body rocks with his, I move along with him wanting to find my release with him. I spread further and he stops standing. My passion filled eyes glaze over and he lifts me in his arms. Telling me that I belong to him. He takes me to the room where we spend the rest of the night locked in each others arms where it is the only place I want to be.*
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Night Rider
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