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 Handheld Mouse

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Rhage BdbUnited
‎*Sneaking into the Pit while Butch and Vishous are sleeping with their mates. Tiptoeing into his command center, I install a program for a wireless finger handheld desktop trackball. Doin a little finger mumbo jumbo on his keyboard, I hide the location of the mouse so he wont notice that someone added anything to his fancy getup. Testing it out with it hidden in my pocket, I click on iTunes via magically.* This is going to be fucken awesome. He's not going to know why his computer keeps popping up knitting needles and half naked women...maybe half naked women in knitted undies. *Laughing at myself* Hell yeah! *Making a folder with several pics to pop up at any givien time, then hidden the folder out of his site. Looking down at my handy work, I pocket the newly installed mouse.* Damn I'm good. *Slinking back out of the Pit and back up to where Mary is waiting for me in bed.*

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Handheld Mouse
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