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 Wrath's Doors

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Rhage BdbUnited
‎*Sitting in the Pit with Vishous and Cop (Butch), we started reminiscing about what we used to do before our females fulfilled the missing link in our brains.* You know...WrathKing is getting a little too comfortable with the way things are going around here. I think it is high time we had a little fun. *Cop's head quickly snaps in my direction with his brow's piratically covering his eyes.* What cop? Don't act like you don't want to be in on this, you feel me? *V chuckles and cop throws his hands up in the air.* Ok... here is how it's goin down. Were going to take the handles off his door and turn the things around. Even when he final gets them unlocked, he's going to run into them. You game?

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PostSubject: Re: Wrath's Doors   Wrath's Doors EmptySun Aug 26, 2012 2:55 am

Vishous BdbUnited ‎*Running his gloved hand through his hair, he chuckles* Oh King Tight Ass is going to look hilarious slamming his face against the door, true? *Grabbing his baggie and wraps, he leans back and begins to roll his smokes while Butch grabs them all a drink. He smirks at Hollywood* You already took the handles off didn't you Hollywood?

Butch O'Neal BdbUnited ‎*chuckling and shaking my head as I tip back my bottle of scotch.* this night calls for the bottle I think. Hey Hollywood, you chicken out and come for reinforcement? *laughing as I follow behind as they grab the supplies* I'm here for the drinks. The rest is all you.

Rhage BdbUnited ‎*Shaking my head.* Oh hell no. If you want to be part of this your going to grow a pair. *Leading everyone down the hall to the mansion. We pass by the kitchen as the doggen rush around getting first meal prepared.* We need to hurry this shit up. Wrath will be coming down shortly. *Taking the stairs two at a time until we reach the top heading to Wrath's study. Glaring at Cop as V looks at the missing handles. Shrugging my shoulders.* Ok...I already removed the handles but I need your little glowy thing you do with that hand of your to freeze the lock. *Pointing at the tools* I know you know who to use those cop. Get busy switching the doors around.

Vishous BdbUnited ‎*Chuckling he takes the glove off and lets a soft glow fill his palm, placing it on the lock and melting it together smirking* He is going to kick our ass, feel me? *Putting the glove back on, the three work together taking the doors down and turning them around. Two doggens walk by and look at them. V shrugs his shoulders* I don't ask questions, the King told us the door creaked. *The Doggens leave them, looking up he laughs at his Brothers*

Zadist BdbUnited ‎*Coming down the hallway head to get Bella and Nalla for first meal he stops when he see his brothers up to no good. Watching as they set about messing with the doors.* Up to the usual antics I see.

Butch O'Neal BdbUnited ‎*tossing a screwdriver to Z, nodding to the door* what's doing? Door ain't gonna hang itself back up, bro. We're going down together. Some shit like the Musketeers, all for one. *Chuckling as I screw back on the hinges the side Vs holding in place*

Rhage BdbUnited ‎*Looking at our handy dandy workmanship.* Now that is what I call team work. *Chuckling* Wrath will be so proud of us that we each pitched in to make this work.

Lassiter BdbUnitied ‎*Laughing* I'm not going to miss this. *Putting my finger to my head..humming* Oemmm....no nothing. You picking up anything on your radar V or is it not tuned in right now?

Vishous BdbUnited ‎*Shrugging his shoulder* Don't know what you are taking about Sunshine. *Stepping back and rubbing the handrolled that is unlit thanks to the Kings Orders, smirking he looks over to everyone* Who is gonna make the call to get him here?

Zadist BdbUnited ‎*Looking at the handy work that the brothers have done, he tries to hide a smile. He pulls out his phone and calls WrathKing letting him know where is he is and asking for him to come. He slides his phone back into his pocket.* He is on his way.

Butch O'Neal BdbUnited ‎*Handing out the couple of bottles he brought along after tucking away the tools, sliding the bag behind one of the statues* I say we toast now, because our asses are going to be toast later. *laughing hard*

Rhage BdbUnited ‎*Turning to head down the stairs* Well I for one, am not hangin around by his door. He'll think somethin's doin. I'm going to first meal. I'm starving. *Turning to look at them* Well it is a good place to watch. *Everyone looks at each other nodding then heads to first meal.*

WrathKing BdbUnited ‎*He answers his iphone and listens as his brother Zadist tells him he is waiting for him at his study. He puts his phone back in the front pocket of his leathers and calls to Beth who is in their bathroom fussing with her hair or something* Leelan! Meet me in my study Zadist just called and asked me to meet him them, I need to go find out what's doin'. *He gripes George's harness* George...study! *George leads the way to Wrath's study expertly. When he arrives at his study he stops when George growls* What's doin' buddy? *Wrath tilts his head from one side to the other "seeing" with his other senses. He sniffs the air and catches the scent of all his brothers that live in the mansion, telling him they had been here recently. George growls again drawing his attention. He cocks an eyegrow from behind his wrap-arounds and leans over to pet George to try and calm him*

Beth BdbUnited ‎*Arriving at the study just after Wrath she sees him standing at the door trying to calm a growling George. His pause at the door made her wonder what was going on. In her peripheral vision she saw half the brotherhood peering out of the dining room watching the study door. Leaning in closer to her hellren she whispers* I don't know what is going on but you have an audience Love. You're being watched from the dining room. Let's go in and see what they wanted you for.

WrathKing BdbUnited ‎*He smiles when his Leelan approaches which turns into a growl when Beth tells him he has a audiance* It seems those assholes are up to their old tricks Leelan. *Wrath straightens and steps towards his study door and reaches for the door handle finding their is none but too late to stop his momentum. He grunted as his face connected with the solid wood door* YOU FUCKING ASSHOLES!!! GET YOUR ASSES UP HERE AND FIX MY FUCKING DOOR! *He lowers his voice so only his shellan can hear him* Leelan...they are so dead! *He growls as he hears roaring laughter from the dining room*

Lassiter BdbUnitied ‎*Grinning* Let me be of some assistance. *Turning on my light bright going all lava lamp on them* Awww...my bad. It didn't work but you have a hell of a tan there.

Zadist BdbUnited You think we should go help them ... *shaking his head, he looks at his brothers still laughing* Course at this point he is going to kill us either way. *Looking back down the hall when he hears a crash* Well thats one way to solve the problem. Watching was WrathKing pushes the pieces of the door out of the way so that Beth can get through unharmed.*

Tohrment BdbUnited ‎*Pushing my chair back, giving Autumn's hand a squeeze as I walk around the table to see what's doin. Stopping short when I hear the crash. Shaking my head* You'll have either lost your brains or the Lessers have found away to slowly kill your brain cells. Looks like you'll are going to have shit duty for awhile...you feel me?

Vishous BdbUnited ‎*Chuckling still rolling his hand rolled betwixt his gloved fingers* Have no clue what you are talking about Brother, I came here to tell Hollywood and Cop that I needed to show them some stuff on the lappy.

Butch O'Neal BdbUnited ‎*He barks out a laugh as the door crashes down, mumbling to himself before looking over his shoulder to Tohr and the other brothers gathered* Oh Jesus. We are in for some serious shit if he broke door down instead of making us open it. *Turning to wink at Marissa as she smirks and shakes her head at him.* Guess we have plenty of time to eat now. *He laughs as he walks over to the table to take the seat next to Marissa and kiss her before reaching over to place a perfect morsel of beef tips in her beautiful mouth. Following it with kiss* I better enjoy all the kisses I can before he gets down here and kills me, baby.

WrathKing BdbUnited ‎*He heads over to the railing and bellows down to the dining room* YOU ASSHOLES OWE ME A NEW GODDAMN DOOR AND IT BETTER FUCKING MATCH THE OLD ONE!!!!!!

Rhage BdbUnited ‎*Turning to Z* Sorry my brother but you just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time but you know...guilty by association and all that. *Pulling Mary closer to him* Now let's eat. The food is getting cold. *Grinning like a Cheshire cat as Wrath walks into the dinning room* My Lord, please forgive us for we know not what we do.

Zadist BdbUnited That is usually how it happens Rhage. *He turns to look at Bella's plate making sure she has enought food on it before checking Nalla's plate too. *He looks at the king when he enters* Would you beleive I was just walking by and figured I would help them but the door back on and I didn't realize it was wrong until after the fact? *At the kings shake of his head he growls*Figured not, but hey it was funny seeing you walk into the door and all.

WrathKing BdbUnited Shut it Hollywood! *Wrath growls to keep his face straight turning in Zadists direction* I'm sure it was fucking hilarious my brother. *Wrath holds Beth's chair for her to take a seat before seating himself. He starts in on his meal the Fritz rushed in to place before him* You all WILL fix my fucking door. *No longer able to contain it Wrath busts out laughing* You do realize you fucking assholes...this means WAR!!
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Wrath's Doors
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